The last agreement (2016)
It is a piece built with obsolete remains of dance, music and video. The last agreement, immerses us in a fiction around disagreements, consensus, attempts, trials, errors and possible agreements, probably the last one, between music, dance and analog technology.
Concert Installation / Performance / VHS VHS, Projection, VHS feedback, Electronic music, TV installation array.

Exhibitions Fase 8. Art, Science and Technology Fair. Bicentennial National House, Buenos Aires, 2016.

About the performance.

The project recycles audiovisual materials from its rehearsals. While designing an inherent relationship between discarded images, music, and dance, the piece becomes closer to an art installation than to a dance production. It researches about the obsolete as a physical and choreographic strategy against the constant demand for updating: that absurd fiction of the future.

Full Credits

Performers Federico Luna, Jesica Josiowicz

Video, Editing and Technology on scene Mario Guzman

Live Music Juan Ignacio Ferreras, Cecilia Quinteros

Sound Design Fabián Kesler

Original Idea Federico Luna, Jesica Josiowicz

Mentor Jorge Zuzulich

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